This was one of the easiest texts to write. Not for its lack of complexity, because it was litterally poured into me by an inspiering Croatian artist and an astonishing mentor Ivan Ladislav Galeta, one of the pioneers of computer art and then later turned a sworn user of analogue technologies in order to achieve high-tech effects, He advocated a highly conscious use of visual language and digital tools and not to use computers in an automatic an non-problematic way. The publication was based on a workshop and lecture session that was dedicated to ideas and visual solutions on the topic of climate change. It was presented at Jakopič Gallery during the 3rd Brumen biennale of visual messages. The experimental workshops and events were initiated by Saša Kerkoš and production by Bergla in collaboration with TiPovej! and Tretaroka NGOs with the aim of inform the students of the Ljubljana Academy of Fine Arts and Design about informal experimental methods of education utilising art in the creation process. After researching the relation between art, environment and rubbish, the students presented their works as framed slides and video projections. The students were guided to design a project booklet printed on recycled paper that presented the process and results as well as opinions of the participants and photographs of their creations.