The workshop is based on an open-source free circuit Elektrosluch: electromagnetic wave detector* translating the electromagnetic (EMF) spectrum into the sound spectrum. It entails the assemblage of an electronic detector for field recording, gaining knowledge in DIY electronics and soldering.  

The second part of the workshop entails testing the new device in the field and learning about field recording techniques, the importance of input amplitude or gain of the signal, attentively listening to different rhythms, pulsations, timbres, densities and textures of electromagnetic smog in the immediate environment.

The third part is about indexing and preparing field recordings in Audacity audio editor, followed by processing and mixing the captured recordings in a demo version of the Reaper digital audio workstation (DAW), treating them as samples for electronic music, making a short electroacoustic composition.

The three-part workshop materials (tutorials) are accompanied by a lecture on the characteristics of electromagnetism and sound frequency spectrum to understand the distinction between two very different physical phenomena measured in Hertz and to explain the effect of EM frequencies on the environment and biotic organisms.

No prior knowledge is needed to follow the workshop.
* The circuit was developed by Jonáš Gruska under CC NC-BY-SA licence for LOM Audio and published in

Workshop Materials

Previous workshops:

Rampa Lab, ČIPke Initiative, Ljubljana, 3-4 December 2021

Ljudmila Art and Science Laboratory, Osmo/za, Slovenska cesta 54, 25-26 February 2022

Rampa Lab, ČIPke Initiative, Ljubljana, 14-16 November 2022

Projekt Atol, Ljubljana, 20-22 December 2022

Announced workshops:
Rampa Lab, Ljubljana, 7-8 November 2022