During field recording, I connect to the environment by shifting attention to the diversity of sound events in an acoustic atmosphere. In this interplay of spatial perception of sonic occurrences, I may experience an aesthetic, emotional, empathic, or even spiritual connectedness to things. I translate such perceptual and emotional states into spatial compositions in an attempt to translate subjective experiences and induce empathy and ecological awareness in the listeners. I follow a loop of listening, recording, translating, composing, and re-listening. Each action entails preconceived notions about the environment and its sound, informing what I find significant. I find inspiration in posthumanist philosophy, which proposes a cultural shift promoting a complex and non-anthropocentric sensitivity to the environment, free from reliance on binaries or exclusions. I ask myself, what stories do the voices of others tell? Do they possess musicality, and can humans experience kinship with them?