The book was a result of T.R.I.B.E. – Transitory Research (Residency) Initiative of the Balkans and Eastern Europe, which intended to research the border geographies of the European art world through the perspective of the notion of transitory art signified by transition, mixed media, temporality, flux, transiency, etc. of the contemporary artistic production. I was invited by MoTA – Museum of Transitory Art to conduct two discussions. The first discussion with artist Karina Smigla-Bobinski When the World is Magnified took place at the end of her artist-in-residency at MoTA in Ljubljana, Slovenia in December, 2013. The second discussion with artists Jean-Baptiste Naudy from the Société Réaliste collective and Núria Güell Tools for Civil Disobedience took place in May, 2014 at ARTos Foundation in Nicosia, Cyprus.

[title] TRIBE: Exercises in Transitory Art
[editor] Neja Tomšič, Barbara Tomšič, Martin Bricelj Baraga
[project] TRIBE Network
[authors of texts] Sabin Borş, Blaž Kosovel, Dunja Kukovec, Luka Zagoričnik, Peter Lukan, Barbara Tomšič, Daniella Hermosilla Z., Nika Grabar, Nik Nowak, Ida Hiršenfelder, Thomas Huber, Arno Wesemann, Katarina Lajtman
[number of pages] 150
[artists] Azahara Cerezo, Petko Dourmana, Peter Flemming, Nüria Guell, Markus Jeschaunig, Nik Nowak, Ohira + Bonilha, Société Réaliste, Karina Smigla-Bobinski, Christine Swintak, Gabey Tjon a Tham, Jan Vormann
[language] English
[publisher, year] MoTA – Museum of Transitory Art, Ljubljana, 2014
[transcriptions] Katarina Lajtman, Neja Tomšič
[art director] Martin Bricelj Baraga
[graphic design] Ajda Bevc
[proof reading] Miha Pompe, Nina Maslovarić, Ivana Kavčič
[translation] Tanja Rudolf
[printing house] Tiskarna Cicero
[number of copies] 1000
[special thanks] Primož Puntar, Achilleas Kentonis, Ekmel Ertan, Pavel Sedlak, Andrej Boleslavsky, Michal Masa, Maria Judova, Gilles Reist, Igor Vuk, Niko Okorn, Matjaž Manček
[supported by] Supported by the Culture Programme of the European Union