Theremidi Orchestra released début double EP 4011 under Trivia Records in March 2013. Buy or download it free here.

Title: 4011
Artists: Theremidi Orchestra
Produced in 2011 to 2013
Production: Ljubljana Digital Media Lab – Ljudmila

Theremidi Orchestra (verb) was founded after a three-day theremin and theremidi physical interface workshop at Ljubljana Digital Media Lab – Ljudmila in May 2011 under the comradeship of Cirkulacija 2’s Borut Savski, who later also joined the line-up.

The fascination for the electromagnetic sound waves grew into exploring and producing sounds with the help of DIY gadgets, antennas, conductive ink, umbrellas, wire ducklings, air tubes, flowers, and scrap metal. The live acts — indoors and outdoors — are more similar to an experiment-seeking interventions, ongoing workshops or performances rather than conventional musical concerts.

The hands-on electro noise ensemble exists in the present continuous, but refers also to the history of electronic music, while the number of members varies from eight to ten, sometimes even twelve. The Theremidi Orchestra has its very own Female Section.

Theremidi Orchestra are/were Simon Bergoc, Tina Dolinšek, Luka Frelih, Ida Hiršenfelder, Dare Pejic, Isac Petruzzi, Borut Savski, Tilen Sepic, Ian Soroka, Saša Spacal, Robertina Šebjanic, Matic Urbanija, Dušan Zidar.