The performance is the second in the “Dialogues” series, initiated by Snježana Premuš in 2022. In the past, the artist collaborated with many dancers and choreographers, such as Sanja Nešković Peršin, Teja Reba, Boštjan Perovšek, Dragana Alfirević, Tina Valentan, Anja Bornšek, Rok Vevar, Pia Brezavšček, and others. Inspired by these collaborators, she enters into an intimate and in-depth research relationship/dialogue with them. Through each “dialogue”, she unfolds a certain topic and shapes it into different formats (performances, installations, publications, exhibitions).

In Dialogue #2, she explores the idea of memory and the importance of grasping the moment and its transience in the context of artistic performance with dance artist Tina Valentan. They use movements as elements that may be re-shaped again and again in the moment of their creation. They ask themselves, how can something that has already happened, that is already inscribed in the body, in the wrinkles, in the archive of tissues, become matter that can be “re-imagined”, re-thought, and creatively transformed into new relations; images that belong to a staged moment. In parallel, she explores ways of organising sequences through a repertoire of images of the current intuitive space of action–reaction, where (short-term) memory responses take place.

The dance performance generates material (movement-relation-dialogue) that they will further develop in 2024. The idea that the initial material can be repeatedly re-built upon and re-imagined is expanded over a longer period. The very synonyms of the word “re-imagined” broaden our understanding of what we have already done: to re-think – to take into account – to review – to revisit – to redefine – to see in a different light or in a fresh way, etc.

Old City Powerplant, Ljubljana, 22 September 2023, at 21:00
Old City Powerplant, Ljubljana,
23 September 2023, at 21:00
City Museum, Ljubljana, 6 November 2023, at 17:00

Artistic director and choreo-director: Snježana Premuš
Co-created and performed by: Snježana Premuš in Tina Valentan
Music: beepblip
Lighting design: Fabio Bozzetta
Costume design: Ajda Tomažin
Photography: Marcandrea
Video documentation: Inan Sven Du Swami
Production assistant: Barbara Zonta
Public relations: Urška Comino
Production: Federacija Institute Ljubljana
Co-production: Bunker, Ljubljana
Partner: Public Fund for Cultural Activities of the Republic of Slovenia (JSKD RS)
Residency: Krušče Creative Center
The project is supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia and the City of Ljubljana