“A touch provokes the separation between me and you and gives the possibility of creating a third space.”

Touch Tissue Fabric dance performance deals with “a meeting point”. The two dancers open up a meeting point as a space that calls for co-creation and necessitates an external space. It nevertheless also touches and changes internal spaces. It is a kind of movement, a state of deep mutual sensory-mental-motoric concentration, responding to all the elements. 

The Touching project is part of a series of Dialogues by Snježana Premuš. Touching is a research and unconventional dance project that addresses the viewer holistically, through physical as well as cognitive channels signified by open choreographic formats.

The well-renowned artists with extensive formal education and years of expertise in contemporary dance and somatics established the foundation for the advancement of dance somatics and the evolution of dance aesthetics in Slovenia.

Past performances
Maribor Puppet Theatre – Minorite Church, 3 October 2022
Old City Power Plant, 4 July 2023
Performativa II, Cukrarna Gallery, 23 May 2024

Co-creators and dancers: Snježana Premuš and Anja Bornšek
Art direction: Snježana Premuš
Sound: Ida Hiršenfelder
Light design and scenography: Špela Škulj
Costume design:  Jelena Pirkmajer Cliché
Scene: Martin Podrzavnik
Design: Sonia Pust
Photography: Marcandrea
Public relations: Urška Comino
Coordination: Katarina Mali
Production: Zavod Federacija Ljubljana, Anja Bornšek, Snježana Premuš
Coproduction: Nagib, Inštitut MA
Partners: Bunker Ljubljana, Lutkovno gledališče Maribor
The project is cofinanced by Ministrstvo za Kulturo RS, Mestna občina Ljubljana and Mestna občina Maribor
Special thanks: JSKD RS, Nina Meško

DANCE FILM credits:
Script and film direction: Hana Vodeb in collaboration with Snježana Premuš & Anja Bornšek
Film editing, coloring: Hana Vodeb
Choreography and dance: Anja Bornšek & Snježana Premuš
Director of photography, camera: Domen Martinčič
Music and sound: Ida Hiršenfelder [beepblip]
Scenography: Špela Škulj
Costumography: Jelena Pirkmajer Cliche
Production of the scene: Martin Podrzaunik
Production: Zavod Federacija, Ljubljana
Partner: Mestni muzej Ljubljana, MGML
The project was co-financed by: Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia and City of Ljubljana

List of dance film screenings: