Dramaturg Andreja Kopač and I were invited by Aksioma to produce an analitical text on the practice of Neven Korda with regards to his latest theatre performance Consolidation: Video Strategies of Mapping in an Artist’s Time and Work.

The text was published in Aksioma Brochure Series. My part of the analisis was entitled Savages in Space Ships.

[author] Ida Hiršenfelder, Andreja Kopač
[title] Vaje v stiku / Exercises in Nexus
[subtitles] Divjaki v vesoljskih ladjah / Savages in Space Ships; Construction of Inner Spaces according to Neven Korda / Konstrukcije notranjih prostorov po Nevenu Kordi
[artist] Neven Korda
[proof-reading] Lea Kačar
[publisher] Aksioma
[edition] Aksioma Brochure #16, 2013

[art manager] Janez Janša
[producer] Marcela Okretič
[assisten producer] Sonja Grdina
[public relations] Mojca Zupanič
[technical manager] Valter Udovičić
[supported by] Ministry for Culture of Slovenia, Ljubljana Municipality, Datacenter Inc.