Plan the Coincidence focuses on fictional worlds inside photography. In view of post-modern regression of the individual into his or her private world it deals with narration of personal tales that remind us of photographs of reality but at the same time contain disturbing elements of illogic, darkness, mystique, banality, boredom, etc. The cooperating authors use their work to point out a problem common to the present plural information era – that socio-political context is not allowed to be treated as a rounded up entity and can therefore always be interpreted as an expression of nonconformism and rejection of the idea of the golden age of technology – cal progress, which is only possible through creation of self declarative tales. The present day defect takes an individual and entraps him in a trauma so he is forced to seek possible ways to escape it, in process of which he creates an intimate transmissible fictional world. The works presented here also communicate the individual’s fierce craving for the existence of some sort of reality that can be related to – and this is what the photographic medium is most suitable for.

[curators] Ida Hiršenfelder, Zhao Shulin
[artists] Jan Babnik, Tomo Brejc, Tomaž Gregorič, Liu Ren, Yening, Yan Shi
[date] 26 September – 26 October 2006
[venue] Kodeljevo Castle, Ljubljana
[production] Artreflect
[co-production] Month of Photography ZSKZ, Yuan Sinology Society