Digitisation of Audio-visual Cultural Heritage
The Web Museum project is designed as a repository for the storage of digital audiovisual cultural heritage and online access to AV materials. It deals with inventarisation, connection and networking of artistic practices based on media technologies from early video production (experimental film, video, animation) to contemporary digital content (community, computer, online art) and intangible productions (performance, conceptual, social, sound and multimedia projects). We collect AV documents with artistic content, of which documenting and multiplying is an integral part. In addition to digitised works of art, we store clips from artistic events, documentation of art projects and other referential publications, which significantly contribute to the understanding of archival audiovisual material. Through semantic connections, we draw attention to important segments of heritage that are not yet included in the systematic reviews of artistic production in Slovenia.

Systemic Assistance to Non-governmental Organizations
An important added value of the repository is the creation of a common open-source web interface for multiple users. Organisations or individuals become users of the Web Museum at the invitation of the Moderna galerija, which provides technical and content support to digitize, systematize and publish the materials online. Publishing of some materials is limited by copyright laws, in accordance to which the Web Museum provides several levels of publication, which allows the inventory of the material even without full public disclousure.

MG+MSUM Audio-visual Materials
The Web Museum also expands the documentation and archive activities of the museum in order to provide museum’s audio-visual documentation and production accessible online and available for research and education. Archival and documentary materials in the Web Museum are complementary to professional processing of indexed cultural objects, which are included in the documentation systems and collections of the Moderna galerija (Kronos and Raz_ume), with the online publication of audio-visual materials.