FriForma and FriFormA\V cycles presented 4 performaces by 5 female artists, dealing with different extra-sound or multi-media events. In the first part, illustrator Katja Oberlintner and vocalist and composer Ina Puntar premiered their work on Lewis Carroll’s novel Alice in Wonderland, audio-visual composition, joined by live improvisation by both authors. In the second part, Ida Hiršenfelder (beepblip) and Robertina Šebjanič of the infamous Theremidi Orchestra, followed by serbian musician Manja Ristić each presented their short solo and continued with a short group improvisation Sounds from the Earthsea. All three authors are dealing with sound and linking it with fields of geography and/or biology.

Robertina Šebjanič: Dark drops (Lygophilia), solo, sound composition, 10′
The sound of the water dropping in caves has a strong presence: it breaks the silence. Those little transmit information about the living conditions from above and deeply into the cave, being both a source of food for biological life and the construction material for the geological structures. The audio recordings used for the composition are from field recording with hydrphone at Planina Lake and Zelške cave.

Ida Hiršenfelder [beepblip]: Morphogenesis – Foam, solo, sound composition, 10′
Dynamic procedures using half-modular synthesizers, computer sounds and landscape structures. Dynamic of liquids is regulated by self-organized system. The sound is not created, it is founds – like in modular synthesis in which the instruments have their own self-organising principal.

Manja Ristić: Črni otok / The Black Isle, solo, sound composition, 10′
The Black Isle s the series by Manja Ristić inspired by the island of Korčula & evolving from a permanent sound mapping of the island’s locale. Works are shaped through performance art, sound art, installation, digital & interactive art & visual art implications such are photo & graphic scores.

Trio Ida, Robertina, Manja
Sounds of the Earthsea / Zvoki z Zemljemorja, group improvisation, 15′