On three occasions Theremidi Orchestra performed at The Cultural Centre of European Space Technologies (KSEVT), invited by theatre director and post-gravity artist Dragan Živadinov. All three events had the characteristics of national celebration as a specific genre of public event with speeches, theatre performers, musicians, poetry, etc. The result of the director’s cut was an eclectic mix of traditional, ethnological and national sentiments, flavoured with contemporary, futurist and universal cultural potentials, exposing the clash between cultural universes, which are currently existing in parallel spacetime. Theremidi Orchestra played the role of a noise disturbance, simulating the wave propagation of cultural relics through the space with future-archeology of DIY electronic sound devices.

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Theremidi Orchestra with Peter Tomaž Dobrila: “Cosmostalgia”, KSEVT, part of “Celebration of Independence and Unity Day”, Vitanje, Slovenia, 26 December 2012

Theremidi Orchestra with Karl Heinz Jeron: “Astrophoness”, part of “Intertekst Astronavtka Kozmonavtka. Tribute to Sunita Williams”, KSEVT, Vitanje, Slovenia, 24 May 2013

Theremidi Orchestra: “Orbital Octetes”, part of “Victory over Fascism Day” and “Official National Celebration of 10th Anniversary of Joining the EU”, KSEVT, Vitanje, Slovenia, 9 May 2014, live broadcasted on RTV Slovenia.

Video documentation of the Orbital Octetes, Theremidi Orchestra at on 5′ 35”