Trevor Paglen marked the opening of the new Aksioma Project Space with a very concise exhibition of four projects from his wide-spread artistic research on landscapes and phenomena that are hidden from the public view and work in the heterogeneous interests of the state apparatus. For the occasion, I was invited by Aksioma to conduct an interview with the artist that was published in Aksioma Brochure Series.

[artist] Trevor Paglen
[title] A Hidden Landscape
[interviewer] Ida Hiršenfelder
[edition] Aksioma Brochure #8, 2011
[exhibition] 4th to 22nd April, 2011
[vanue] Aksioma Project Space, Ljubljana
[production and organization] Aksioma – Zavod za sodobne umentosti, Ljubljana, 2011
[artistic director] Janez Janša
[executive producer] Marcela Okretič
[in collaboration with] Galerie Thomas Zander, Cologne
[supported by] The Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia and the City of Ljubljana – Department of Culture