In 2023, Modlu@rnice series hosts monthly Voltages Chirping Vehemently (VCV) online meetings for modular synthesis with the VCV Rack 2 simulator, which contains over 1.800 free and open simulations of Eurorack modules. The sessions occur online to facilitate access, especially for those not living in Ljubljana. The meetings are conceived as an open format for peer-to-peer learning, with participants suggesting topics and influencing the course of the meeting. Each session is dedicated to building one music modular patch, correlating two thematic aspects: musical/genre (rhythmic, harmonic, polyphonic, polyrhythmic, textures, granulation, pads, generative music) and technical/methodological (clocks, quantifiers, sequencers, granular synthesis, phase reversal, gated filter, connection to acoustic instruments and external MIDI controllers, ring modulation). One of the goals of the meetings is to search for Slovenian equivalents for modular synthesis terms that are not currently established. All video documentation is available exclusively in Slovenian.

After following the introduction, anyone can join the online meeting. Meetings are held every first Sunday of the month at 8 p.m. More information at: and

Mentor: Ida Hiršenfelder (beepblip)
Produkction: Zavod Projekt Atol
Producer: Rea Vogrinčič


8 January 2023: Voltages Chirping Vehemently #1: Generative harmonic patch, [patch in VCV format]
List of modules from the VCV Library:

5 March 2023,, Voltages Chirping Vehemently #2: Rhythmical patch, [patch in VCV format]

9 April 2023, Voltages Chirping Vehemently #3: Ambiental drone patch [patch in VCV format]

7 May 2023, Voltages Chirping Vehemently #4: Matrix mixer for a drone [patch in VCV format]

4 June 2023, Voltages Chirping Vehemently #5: Granular synthesis and circular modulation [patch in VCV format]
Modules previously used:

10 September 2023, Voltages Chirping Vehemently #6: Patch from hardware clones [patch in VCV format]

1 October 2023, Voltages Chirping Vehemently #7: Playing with samples [patch for S/H sample and hold; patch for sampling] [samples in WAV format 1; samples in WAV format 2]

5 November 2023, Voltages Chirping Vehemently #8: Techno patch [patch in VCV format]
New modules:
Modules previously used:
VCV default modules:

3 December 2023, Voltages Chirping Vehemently #9: Random melodic patch [patch in VCV format] clock random generator quantiser / harmoniser filter switch complex oscillator LFO affect envelope granulator affect affect affect polyphonic function generator default generator quantiser / harmoniser oscillator oscillator

16 Decembra 2023. The workshop took place live at Osmo/za. The topic of the meet-up was connecting VCV Rack 2 with external sources: triggering with MIDI controllers and modulation of VCV modules with acoustic instruments and vocals. [patch in VCV format]