Sound walk, Translating Critters series

Under Maple Trees is a site-specific sound walk. It immerses the listeners into an imaginary posthumanist environment in which humans coexist strangely with other entities. The sound walk encourages empathy for the sentient beings among us and reveals the ability of all beings, including the unheard, to communicate.

For the sound walk, you will need a phone and a set of headphones. Please, scan the QR code to access the sound for the walk. The QR code will be published indefinitely from Sunday, 2 June 2024. Follow a map with a starting point on a meadow behind Rakov Škocjan Hotel at Bizerjev Laz (from the location of niansa gathering). Closely study the terrain map below. Start the recording at the beginning of the route at the orange pin. The route will guide you from the meadow along a forest path to the mysteries of the illegible voices. You may walk independently whenever you wish or join one of the guided sound walks.

Guided sound walks: Sunday, 2 June 2024, at 16:00 & 17:00
Maximum number: 20 attendees
Start point: 45°47’21.3″N 14°17’52.1″E. Altitude: 525m
Route: 3 kilometres. The route runs along a rugged forest path with some steep inclinations and partly along a gravel road. During the rainy season, the path is wet and muddy in places.
Average walking time: 36 minutes. There is a slight elevation gain.
Slowed-down walking time for the sound walk: 50–55 minutes.
Languages: Slovenian, English
Opening hours for independent sound walking: 24/7. The sound walk will be accessible online indefinitely from Sunday, 2 June 2024.

Under Maple Trees is a part of the Translating Critters series, wherein the artist sonically explores empathetic connections with non-human animals and inorganic geophonic beings. A variation of the walk entitled Under Beech Trees was initially produced by Jazz Cerkno in 2024.


Photos by Brandon Rosenbluth