I’ve contributed a thematic track to the Kamizdat compilation to celebrate the 2021 Netlabel Day with a release of a wide range of inspiring and engaging alternative electronic music by 25+ artists, 25 unreleased tracks, and more than two hours of adventurous music.

The theme of monstrosity is something perceived as nonhuman, something cruel, or something that personifies terror but can at the same time walk on the edge of normality.

The series of compilations titled Access Frame aims to present a wide spectrum of local alternative music (with emphasis on electronic and experimental music) that has found its haven on the internet. The never-before-encountered entwinement of technology, society, making music and ownership rights has been causing a serious conflict between free culture and the outdated and exploitative concepts of copyright. Adhering to the spirit of free access, online labels are the first in the struggle for equal access and more fair copyright (facilitated by the introduction of the Creative Commons license).

Musicians on the compilation:
08080 / 2xp / ala pecula / BeatMyth / beepblip / Borut Savski / Brane Zorman / Domen Gnezda / Douchean / dvidevat / gisaza x umdhlebi / KL / lowlander / Marka San / Martosaurus / M berLin / Noitu / rouge-ah / Shekuza / Slowmotion Livestream /  Terranigma / Trinajst / warlord chipmonk / Yanoosh / Ž

Luka Prinčič · production, liner notes, mastering
Blaž Rojs · graphic design
Blaž Rojs, Tina Ivezić · webcover design
Andrej Pervanje · production, promotion
Maruša Hren · booklet/zine handmade manufacture
Sabrina Železnik · promotion @ Emanat

Credits for DVD of Daniel video: Footage from Geese-Swans (1949) – Ivan Ivanov-Vano, Aleksandra Snezhko-Blotskaya + stock footage

More about Netlabel Day: netlabelday.com.

City Municipality of Ljubljana & Ministry of Culture RS · financial support

License: CC: some rights reserved