I’ve contributed a thematic track to Kamizdat’s Access Frame: Colony compilation to celebrate the 2022 Netlabel Day with local adventurous electronic music. This year’s edition features eleven exceptional female artists of various electronic and experimental genres with mostly exclusive tracks: ala pecula, Saša Spačal & Pim Boreel, 22nds, rouge-ah, Lip Rouge, Kristina Kočan & Samo Šalamon, Nastja Janžekovič, Kikiriki, beepblip, Kezz, Muzikačaka. I also contributed liner notes for the printed edition.

“Colony unravels a challenging and overarching concept that belongs to the past but still invades every capillary system of our cultural predicament. A colony is not so much a settlement in a particular place, but a mental state, insidious conditioning occupying the mind. It is a legacy of looting dispossessed beings and exploiting the Earth’s riches. In the aftermath of colonialism, any country is just a city of illusions, in which some live with borders, taxes, laws, and regulations and others without any limits or responsibilities to that same territory. We are the colonies of the rich.”

– an excerpt from the lines notes by Ida Hiršenfelder