Tracks by ebe, Oskar Kandare, Maja Kraljič, Katja Kavaš, Ana Lora, Megamagenta, Görkem Özdemir, Karmen Ponikvar, Neja Rakušček, Roliño, Saša Ropač, Fedja Saksida, and Pia Sovinc.

Release date: 25 January 2024, Bandcamp

The compilation features compositions by twelve out of fifty participants from electromagnetic field recording workshops, ‘Tentacles for Electromagnetic Field‘ and ‘Simple Tentacles for EMF,’ held between December 2021 and March 2023 in Ljubljana. During these workshops, participants constructed a DIY electronic device to record sound from the electromagnetic frequency (EMF) spectrum. Additionally, they learned to make selections, edit sounds, and mix them into these musical creations.

During the field recording, participants sought devices in their surroundings emitting electromagnetic waves in different frequency ranges. The duration of their meaningful sonic sequence varied based on the encountered sound and its intended purpose. And their aesthetic preferences led to a diverse range of genres, spanning from techno to pure noise.

Concerns about the impact of electromagnetic radiation produced by electronic machines on biotic organisms exist. However, current scientific data is insufficient to confirm or reject the link between device emissions and health. Studies indicate that the impact is closely tied to parameters such as exposure duration, frequency, and intensity.

Experiencing EMF propagation aesthetically and musically extends beyond physical properties, medical, or regulatory aspects, addressing electromagnetism as the primary sound-producing radiation in the universe. In the universe, sound only exists within atmospheres; otherwise, there is only a deep void and electromagnetic radiation of varying intensities. We invite listeners to tune into these cosmic emissions.

The workshop series received support from konS ≡ Platform for Contemporary Investigative Art.

Mastering: Ida Hiršenfelder & Aleš Hieng – Zergon
Cover illustration based on Microsoft Bing Image Creator image (25 December 2023): Ida Hiršenfelder
Public relations: Rea Vogrinčič in Petra Vanič