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2 November 2020 | I never gave much thought to the municipality borders before being confined to this border by the coronavirus prevention measures. The only notion I had of the edge of the city was that of the Trail of Remembrance and Comradeship [Pot spominov in tovarištva, PST] the trail along the barbed wire of the fascist occupation of the city in the second world war. The context is different yet eerily similar. The time has come again to put up fences and borders and walls and draw wires; a time of anxiety and fear. We built a long sharp razor wire on the southern border. This border shows me how segregation works. Not too long ago, I could easily cross it while other people were and still are subjected to torture and death crossing that same border.
My field-recordings are now limited to the legal boundary of the city. I was supposed to go to a residency in Prague. I was not planning on flying being aware of the 3% of fossil fuel emissions created by air travel. However, I do ask myself what does it mean now, to be completely localised, not just to the boundaries of a nation-state but to the boundary of a city, some are confined to their apartments and houses, what is this doing to the notion of public space and communities and what (if any) potentiality might we find in this restrictive situation. The restriction gives me a context for my field-work. I make a plan of locations spread out in every city quarter. I will record on the border between relative silence and relative noise on the edge of a curfew from 5:30 to 6:30 a.m.

List of locations:
Bežigrad: Stožice abandoned shopping mall
Šiška: Industrijska cona Litostroj
Šentvid: Railway
Posavje: Ljubljana water supply systems
Črnuče: Sava river bank
Jarše: BTC shopping district
Moste: railway bridge and Ljubljanica river bank
Center: Prešernov trg / Steklenik in Park Tivoli, Ljubljana Castle
Golovec: Astronomsko geofizikalni observatorij Golovec
Rudnik: Črna vas marshes
Polje: Bizovik suspenssion bridge, PST 19
Sostro: Debni vrh, top of the hill
Vič: Deponija Barje – Landfill
Trnovo: Ljubljanica & Gradaščica river bank
Rožnik: Živalski vrt – Ljubljana ZOO
Dravlje: Highway overpass
Šmarna Gora: top of the hill


19 November 2020 | Location of recording Industrijska cona Litostroj
Astronomical Twilight: 05:23 – 05:59
Nautical Twilight: 05:59 – 06:35
Civil Twilight: 06:35 – 07:08



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