For the Birds performance | COLLABORATION

For the Birds is the second part of performance / film / lecture trilogy: Also sprach Cage; For The Birds; A Year From Tuesday. For the Birds is a poetic attemt to outline the states of non-ownership.

Premiere 9the October, 2014 at 7 pm at KIBLIX Festival, Kibla Portal, Maribor
First reprisal 15th October, 2014 at 8 pm, Kino Šiška, Katedrala, Ljubljana

As a proliferation of footnotes without a main message, this performance unfolds on screen and beyond the screen. It offers a brief glimpse of a mapped reality – a peculiar fiction with truth-value. Fabricated, stolen and reassembled texts, readymades and footage reveal the inseparability of communication and miscommunication and involve people in a dialogue that have never met each other. The project reflects on the perception of a world that is mediated through digital devices.

[composed by] Martina Ruhsam & Vlado G. Repnik
[directed by] Vlado G. Repnik
[performers] Ida Hiršenfelder & Martina Ruhsam
[featuring] Giorgio Agamben, Aleksander Bassin, Zdenka Badovinac, Franco Berardi Bifo, John Cage, Jaques Derrida, Joe Kittinger, Peter Tomaž Dobrila, Tim Etchells, Mojca Kumerdej, Milena Kosec, Aleksandra Kostić, Metka Krašovec, Clément Layes, Claire Marshall, Milena Metka, Peter Mlakar, Cathy Naden, John Smith, Marcus Steinweg and others
[camera & editing] Vlado G. Repnik
[texsts] Restmoreorlessness and Batteriality: Nika Arhar, Jasmina Založnik
[technical support] David Cvelbar, Matevž Ftičar, Jure Vlahovič, Matej Marinček
[production] GVR babaLAN, Kino Šiška, Kibla Maribor
[co-financed by] Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia and the Municipality of Ljubljana